Which Are the Most Durable Flooring Types Ever

Durable flooring typesA lot of homeowners tend to ask the professionals in flooring industry which is the most durable floor for their home. Unfortunately, this question may be unanswerable as a lot of aspects of durability must be taken into account. If you want a clear answer it will be concrete but as it is not appropriate for many rooms more questions are raised. Read on and see the list of durable flooring solutions and choose the most appropriate for you.

  • Concrete – concrete flooring is very difficult to damage. You shouldn’t worry about high heels, furniture legs, pet claws as its durability makes it nearly impossible to damage its surface. Concrete is a good option for a flooring solution as it is also eco-friendly plus it requires minimum maintenance. All you need to do is wax it once or twice per year and use neutral cleaning detergent from time to time. If you do this you basically can make it last forever! Use a good wax and sealer to preserve its fresh look.

  • Marble – everyone who loves luxury and exquisiteness would like the idea of installing marble flooring. Being one of the most elegant flooring solutions, it can give your home the look of prosperity and its durability will withstand any sort of external pressure. This material is known to handle even sudden changes of weight. Marble flooring is scratch-free and resistant to a lot of things. However, you would definitely spend a fortune on installing and maintaining it as skilled professionals should polish it occasionally. This is a long-term investment you should consider carefully!

  • Laminate – well, this is not as durable as the two already mentioned flooring options but you will definitely get good value for the money. Laminate is versatile and easy to install due to its click installation. It is resistant to many agents that can discolour other materials and its durability makes it appropriate for commercial flooring and installing it in hallways. Laminate even resists fading from UV light and growth of bacteria and mold. It is one of the most resilient flooring types so you should surely take it under consideration.

  • Hardwood – hardwood flooring have stood the test of time and proved to be durable. If it is maintained properly it will last for the years to come. Its maintenance includes regular sweeping and vacuuming plus cleaning it with an appropriate wood floor detergent. Hardwood flooring installation is a great investment and it will upgrade your home for sure. You can choose from different types of woods such as walnut, cherry, oak – make sure you ask the flooring contractor for the advantages and disadvantages of the type you want.

When you are aiming for a durable flooring material you should carefully think about the other aspects of it. You can’t just pick flooring that is long-lasting – aim for a type that will please your aesthetic needs, too.

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