Unusual Uses of Your Favourite Alcoholic Beverage

unusual uses of alcohol drinks

You get back home dog-tired after yet another exhausting day at the office and the first thing you do is to put a pair of comfortable pants and an old t-shirt, turn the TV on, pour yourself a cup of your favourite beverage and try to forget about the challenges waiting for you on the next morning. That’s the vicious cycle many people find themselves in during the week. Yet, as the saying goes “Friday is not a big holiday, but at least it occurs on a regular basis”.

So, keep your chin up and wait for the weekend. However, weekends are usually that time of the week when you have to tidy up and clean your home. You might be surprised to find out that you can use your favourite alcoholic beverage for various purposes around the household. Here are some fresh ideas you can use the next weekend:

  • If you love the taste of an ice-cold beer in the summer, you probably never run out of it. If you are willing to sacrifice a can for domestic cleaning, you will be amazed at how shiny sinks, faucets and shower heads can be. All you need is some beer, a soft cloth and a brush. Apply the beer to the metal surfaces and let it sit for a few hours. Remove dirt and soap residue with a proper brush and rinse thoroughly.
  • Beer can accelerate the growth of your house plants. The sugars and minerals beer is made of help your potted plants as well as the flowers and vegetables in the garden flourish. You can even make an experiment and pour some beer onto a certain area and keep track of plant’s growth for two weeks.
  • If you have an expensive piece of antique wooden furniture at home, you must be aware of the disastrous effect spills can have on them. Well, beer seems to be an exception as it is the perfect cleaning solution for antiques. All you need is some flat beer and a soft, clean rag. Apply the solution to a smaller area just to make sure it works well.
  • The incredible beauty purposes of beer have been known for centuries. If you rinse your hair with flat beer, it will become smooth and glossy. As you know, it takes some more time for DIY cleaning and beauty products to take effect, so perform the procedure at least for a month. If you dislike the idea of having a beer-scented hair, don’t forget to use flat beer.
  • If you are about to leave the property you live in, the end of tenancy cleaning is an important prerequisite for getting your security deposit back. This includes not only sanitising of the entire house but also dealing with cockroaches, mice and fruit flies. You can make your own repellent consisting of mouthwash, beer and Epsom salt and spray onto the problematic areas (dark spaces, closets, etc).
  • If you want to restore the beauty of your silver jewellery, all you need to do is to soak them in gin and then remove the accumulated dirt with an appropriate soft brush. Rest assured your rings and necklaces will be shinier than ever.
  • It would be unacceptable to skip the alternative purposes of wine. As a beauty product, red wine can be used for making your skin soft. You can either apply it on your face or add some of it when you are taking a bath.
  • Wine can help you keep your fruits fresh for longer. Instead of washing them with plain water, pour some wine into a spray bottle and clean off your fruits and vegetables. Plus, wine is believed to eliminate some dangerous bacteria such as salmonella and E. coli.
  • Apart from cleaning your fruits and vegetables, you can take yet another advantage of the cleaning properties of your favourite beverage. Wine leaves germs with no chance of survival and it is as effective in removing tough stains as a top-shelf stain-removing product. However, you are not advised to use wine for cleaning natural stone surfaces and granite in particular. Similarly to vodka, white wine can serve as a glass cleaner.
  • If you have ever spilt red wine on the carpet, you should know that the stain is here to stay. In other words, red wine has dyeing properties you can benefit from. You can use it for decorating Easter eggs, dye pieces of fabrics and create beautiful souvenirs or whatever comes to your mind. Plus, you will not be exposed to the dangers commercial dyeing products pose.

The next time you decide to chill and pour yourself your favourite drink, don’t forget about the alternative uses it has. Including alcoholic beverages to the aforementioned projects is both economical and toxic-free.

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