Tips for an Unforgettable Summer Barbecue

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Summer is a cherished season and one of the main reasons for that is the barbeque in the backyard. Be it with your friends or family, summer barbeques create unforgettable memories to keep your heart warm in the Winter. We made a list with summer barbeque tips for the ultimate grilling experience. Party in the garden under the stars always sounds like a good idea – read on and be prepared for the perfect event.

  • A smart strategy you should use is to prep the night before. When you are throwing a barbeque the next day, you will thank yourself as you will save a lot of time. Marinate the meat, chop the vegetables you intend to grill and wrap them with plastic wrap, bake the desserts and so on. You can even prepare a custom drink and keep it chilled the whole night – you can make a fruity sangria! Don`t forget to check if you have everything on hand for the next day – buns, dishware, charcoal and last but not least paper towels and napkins. Barbeques are yummy but you know that everyone ends up with greasy fingers.
  • During the hot season, treating your grill well is of great importance. Cleaning your barbeque is something you should add to your regular domestic cleaning and don`t fail to perform it. The maintenance is the key to keeping your grill function for longer. Investing in a new barbeque grill may be expensive so make sure you keep your spick and span and it will serve you for the years to come. After each use, you should get rid of leftovers and ashes and scrub the grates. Some people share that with a good maintenance you can enjoy your grill for up to 25 years.
  • When you want to make a good impression on your guests you should get the grill ready before they arrive. It`s annoying to be on a barbeque party and the host to be still trying to lit the grill or waiting for the charcoal to be hot enough for grilling.
  • How to choose your menu? You can never go wrong with something classic and simple. Your guests will appreciate if you cook something very complex and foreign but you throw a party to gather your friends and spend time together. If you spend your whole time around the barbeque or chopping ingredients in the kitchen, you will not find this event relaxing but more of an exhausting one. Another thing to have in mind is that barbeque party doesn`t mean that every dish should be done on the grill. Make coleslaw and potato salad or even french fries and don`t forget to think about a vegetarian alternative for your veg guests. A great tip we heard from your local end of tenancy cleaners that state that aluminium foil can make your grates clean again is the following. In order to make the after-barbecue clean easier, ball up some aluminium foil and scrape off any pieces and bits. This also comes in handy when you have to grill some vegetables right after you have finished your steaks.
  • As we already mentioned, a signature drink will be a perfect addition to the party. Why don`t you make a pineapple-watermelon sangria? You will need 1 bottle Moscato wine, ½ cup brandy, 2 cups chopped pineapple, 2 cups chopped watermelon, 1 lime thinly sliced and soda (lemon or lime) of your preference. Pour that over ice and your friends will definitely want the recipe! Don`t forget to have ice in abundance as usually, you end up using twice as much ice as you originally planned.
  • When you are designing the buffet table arrange in a way that your guests won`t feel crowded when they are filling their plates. Stack plates next to the place you intend to put the dishes. Place the cutlery in the corner so everyone can grab a set after they have filled their plate. Have separate areas for drinks and condiments – in this way people will no hold up the line if they need a beer or some punch or want to put ketchup on their burger.
  • An important aspect of the party is to provide good music and theme. It all depends on the people you are inviting but make sure you pick up songs that are fun and laidback. What about the theme? We are not saying it`s something mandatory but theme parties are always fun. Our suggestions are a white party, Hawaiian luau, Christmas in August, etc.
  • Every barbeque party needs an exciting game on the lawn! No matter if you are all adults, there are cool games that require almost no skill – keep the spirit of the party up by playing cornhole, horseshoes, croquet or badminton. If you are not full from all the good stuff and you are in the right mood, why don`t play Twister?
  • Last but not least, some tips about cleaning your barbeque. Start with the cooking grates – wait about 30 minutes until your grill is cool and using a soap-water spray to degrease them. When you have soaked the plates, take your barbeque brush and clean them until all the stubborn food bits are removed. Wipe the barbeque with a cloth soaked in white vinegar and water for better results.

Now that you know these simple tips, you can get your barbeque party started.

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