Paint Your House Exterior Without a Hassle

Exterior Painting - tips and tricks

Painting the exterior of your home is a very important project you should consider in order to extend the life of your house and increase its value. However, even if you know the right techniques and tricks, you should still have in mind that exterior painting is a challenging and huge job. Of course, if completed properly, the results will be rewarding. In this article, you will learn the basics of the exterior painting. Before you even think of doing the job yourself, know that the procedure requires hours of precise preparation – yes, you may save some money compared to booking professional painters but you will devote a lot of time to the project. Make up your mind and see what are the essentials of performing an efficient exterior painting.

  • We already mentioned that home remodelling projects are too big and time-consuming. Carefully consider whether you really have the time and the skills to execute it on your own. If you work full-time and you have other responsibilities, this may not pair with your desire to carry out the process by yourself. In such case, the smarter option would be to book professional painting services – they will save you time and efforts for sure.
  • However, if you are truly passionate about the idea of painting your living premises on your own and have the time, go for it! Our first tip is to always buy high-quality painting tools – this is of utmost importance if you want your project to last for the years to come. If you neglect this part, you risk facing additional expenses in the near future. When you arm yourself with quality brushes, roller and paint, you can`t go wrong. Have at least 2-3 brushes – choose straight-bristled ones. When you have to cover large areas, get a roller setup that includes a heavy-duty roller cage, nap roller covers and a roller screen.
  • A vital part of exterior painting project is to check the weather in advance. You should now paint in direct sun. When it is too hot outside, the paint dries too fast which may later result in peeling and blistering. Another inappropriate time to paint is when it is too windy – the chances of dirty particles sticking to your fresh layer of paint are very high. The last thing, that is too obvious yet worth mentioning, is not the paint when there is a chance of rain – no need of further explanation why.
  • Something that very few homeowners understand when they start their exterior painting project is to think of their property as one side of the house project. If you start the project thinking of the entire house, you will fail immediately in performing the project the right way. One side at a time is what stands behind success.
  • Our advice is to do the hard parts first – once you are done with the time-consuming boring parts, you can focus on the rest of the parts. For instance, do the place under the eaves first and after that, you can do the visible areas. When you finish these not-that-exciting places and get done the burdensome work, you will look forward to getting started with the parts that everyone can see and admire! Don`t forget to treat yourself good when you are done with the hard parts – whatever makes you happy and motivated.
  • When you consider what finish to apply, have this in mind. Flat exterior finish paint is a good choice because even if you take a break from your painting project, there will be no visible overlapping. On the other hand, satin finish exterior paint is easier to clean.
  • Let`s compare brush and paint sprayer. Many homeowners believe that spraying their house is the cheapest and fastest way to paint their properties. However, they are wrong as the amount of preparation work they will face is huge. Maybe it seems strange but rolling and brushing sometimes comes out ahead of spraying.
  • When you are painting the exterior, you inevitably have to use a ladder. Moving the ladder around may be time-consuming so our advice is to paint whatever is within your reach rather than keeping up with the architecture of your home. Make sure you feel comfortable and safe while painting in order to avoid any risks of injury. Another important aspect when using a ladder is to take advantage even of the smallest step – don`t try to paint when reaching on the tips of your toes. You are most likely to end up with a back injury.

When you are carrying out an exterior painting project you should consider a lot of aspects beforehand and know that it requires more than perseverance and patience. A steady hand, a sharp eye and some practice are vital to complete the project in an appealing way. Being confident with your skills and having these tips in mind will help you achieve immaculate results.

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