Maintain Your Suede Couch in Flawless Condition

suede couch cleaningIf you possess a suede couch, perhaps you are really proud when it looks great. After you purchase it and it’s still brand new, you may treat it with various stain protectors. This will guarantee you impeccable condition for longer period of time. As the time goes by, the couch will need regular hygienic maintenance via brushing and vacuuming. In case your sofa is older or it’s too stained and dirty, you will need to apply deeper cleaning procedures. Check out more details now:

  • In order to prevent permanent stains, you may use special protective spray. This will help the spills to remain on the surface and you may wipe them immediately. There are various stain protectors: some are synthetic solvent, others are water-based. In order to make the right choice, you’d better open your owner’s manual. If your furnishing is still new, application of such a stain protector may invalidate the warranty. When you apply such a spray, be very careful and open the windows. The room should be well-ventilated, because fumes may be dangerous for your health. You may also use a special painter’s ventilator-mask to protect yourself. Experts advise you to treat one upholstery section in a time. Thus, step by step, you will finish all the surface. Keep in mind, that you need to apply 2-3 coats of the fabric protector. This way you will be sure, that the surface will be entirely protected. Before usage of the furniture, leave at least 12 hours to dry up completely.
  • Cleaning of your upholstery on weekly basis. It’s very important to vacuum the upholstery regularly; you may also use a dust buster for this purpose. Thanks to these procedures, you will remove the crumbs, dust and pet dander. Don’t forget to take care of the cushions. Wipe them regularly with a terry cloth towel or a suede brush. You may not see the dirtiness with a naked eye, but this doesn’t mean it’s not there. There is also accumulated nap which must be brushed away. If you allow your pet to sit on the couch, even more, frequent sanitising is recommended. You can always buy a special suede napping brush or cloth from the store.
  • Cleaning of your suede upholstery on monthly basis. Start by removing the cushions and clean them via criss-cross pattern. This will eliminate the debris, that has remained in the folds of the suede. There are vacuum cleaners, that have specialised upholstery attachments. Thanks to vacuuming, all the dust and debris that are embedded on the surface of the couch will be removed. You will also need to use different attachment from the one you use for carpet cleaning because it’s edges are not so rough and dirty. Moreover – don’t forget to clean the rest of the couch too! Occasional replacing of the cushions is also recommended in order to avoid wear and tear.
  • Stain removal from suede upholstery. Experts advise you to rub the stain with a polishing cloth or suede brush. This way, the whole area will be prepared, because dust and debris will be eliminated. Another option is to moisten a terry cloth rag with rubbing alcohol and start dabbing lightly. You may also use white vinegar for the purpose. You need to be very careful in order to avoid over saturating of the nasty stain. When it comes to the movements, avoid harsh circular motions. Instead of that, applying crisscrossing pattern is recommended.
  • In case, alcohol, vinegar and brushing don’t lead to success, you may purchase a cleaner, that is meant for suede shoes. There are various products, so be very careful which one to choose. Some cleaning products are water-based, others contain a micro-suede specific solvent. Before undertaking any actions, read the manufacturer’s instructions. There, you will find the necessary information which type of cleaner to choose.
  • What is very important when it comes to fat food and water spills is the immediate reaction. Clean them instantly, because you will achieve much better final results. Otherwise, you risk to come up with a persistent stain. In this case, not everything is still lost. You may always arrange yourself professional assistance. There are experts in upholstery cleaning, who will take a good care of the couch having in mind its specific fabric. Besides the marvellous results, they will give you some precious pieces of advice considering the consequent hygienic maintenance and the better stain protection. Nowadays, such professional services are not so expensive, so you may compare several offers.

    We may conclude, that whatever the stain, there is always a solution. Don’t get angry too much and don’t forget, that it’s nearly impossible to prevent every single spillage. If you live with pets and little kids, be more tolerant and treat the upholstery fabric with some high-quality stain protector. This way your cleaning mission will be much easier and much more efficient.

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