Guide to a Hassle-Free Move Out

quide for an easy moving out

Every moving out is associated both with a lot of responsibilities that inevitably follow yet excitement about moving into a new place. While it is a stressful event, you can make the best out of the situation and if not making it enjoyable, you can at least make it more bearable. Having a right strategy is essential – below you will find a list of helpful tips you that will make your move out less tedious and hopefully easier and more manageable.

  • The most important thing is to create a timeline for your move out. There are so many tasks you have to complete that you will probably lose track if you try to remember every single one of them. Things you should definitely include in your to-do-list are getting boxes, booking an end of tenancy cleaning, hiring a moving truck for your stuff, getting your things packed, etc.
  • Where should you get your boxes from? Don`t spend money on buying containers or cardboard boxes, when you can upcycle some from your local grocery store. Don`t create more waste – if you can`t find some good boxes in the supermarket, visit a liquor store. The boxes in which booze comes are very convenient for storing your items. Another option is to check Craigslist section for free stuff – you may come upon some good boxes from a fellow tenant!
  • Very important aspect of moving out is considering the right time for packing – you can`t just wait until the last day to pack! You are recommended to start packing about 2 weeks before the moving day. Some people will probably say that they don`t want to live in a mess of boxes but this will save you a lot of efforts when the time has come. Start by packing the clothes that are out of season and cookware that is used the least. You can pack in advance linen sets and towels which are not to be used in the following days. Try creating an organisational system that really works for you!
  • As we are speaking of packing, we should mention that it is also the right time to purge from excessive clutter. You will probably come upon things like old shirts, some accessories you no longer use, books or old magazines you don`t intend to read, etc. Think twice about these possessions and decide which are suitable for donation and which should be simply tossed away. Give yourself a fresh start and don`t make yourself unpack a box or two full of things you will not use anyway in your new home.  
  • Walk around the house and see if there are some minor things you can repair before the final clean-up. When you take down your photo frames and artwork, don`t forget to patch the nail holes with some spackling paste. Usually, landlords are supposed to paint over after each tenant – to make it easier for them just sand the spot so the surface is ready for a paint over. Also, check for some tear and wear on carpets and upholstery – you may need to book professional carpet cleaning to bring back the original condition of the rug.
  • A very smart move to consider is hiring a baby/ pet sitter on your moving day. If your kid is old enough, he/ she can help you but, otherwise, it is not safe for toddlers and pets to hand out in a place with lots of open doors. You can also ask a family member to take care of them for the day – you will be able to focus on the work going on and your little ones will definitely be at a safe place away from boxes full with fragile stuff.
  • Don`t forget to pack an ‘open first’ box – when you are moving in, you will need some items before anything else. Make sure you collect them in one place. Items such as eating utensils, paper towels, a box cutter, some cookware, phone chargers and basic tools should be in handy from day 1 at your new property. Other essentials that should be there include pet bowls and toddler`s belongings.
  • In the same line of thought, packing an overnight bag is a must – toiletries, a clean change of clothes, your portable pieces of electronics, wet wipes, etc. Make sure that this bag contains things that can be used for the next 24 hours till you unpack your boxes. Don`t forget to have your important documents in it as you can easily lose them while moving out.

When you are moving into a new home, the very last thing you want is to make a thorough search to find your toothbrush or pyjamas. If you carefully plan everything, you will not have any troubles when you have to move out and pack everything for your future house. The aforementioned tips are worth following – make your move out hassle-free and enjoy your new home!

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