7 Habits That Help You Shake Off Stress

habits that help you shake off stress

You might not realise it, but that does not mean you are not exposed to high levels of stress. The project that is due next week, the important exam you have to sit, the car damage you have to fix, the family meeting you have to organise. It seems like your life is an endless list of tasks you have to perform no matter if you like them or not. As the time passes, you start feeling the first negative signs living “on the go” causes and you regret having been so dedicated to various more or less pleasant tasks instead of taking well-deserved breaks. Here are some useful ideas. If you manage to turn them into habits, you will be able to considerably minimise the risks stressful situations hide:

  • Spend some quality time with yourself. Sometimes, all we need is to stay at home, wearing an old t-shirt and jeans and doing nothing. Set aside one day of the month during which you can appreciate the tranquillity of being home alone and do whatever you want. Listen to loud music, dance, read a good book, catch up with friends, clean the carpet, take out the patio furniture and do some sunbathing, fix the squeaky door that is driving you crazy, go for a jogging in the park. Do everything you never manage to find time for. There is one prerequisite, though. Switch off your mind from the projects at work and refrain yourself from checking your email every hour.
  • If you are an adventurous person and you just love visiting enchanting places you have never been to, probably the best method for shaking off stress is travelling. Even if you have just two days off per week, you can always go to a place that is 1 or 2-hour drive from where you live. No matter if you love hanging out alone or you prefer going to places with friends, taking hundreds of pictures and having great memories together, the most important thing is to reduce stress and feel energised and productive.
  • If you are old enough to remember the times when there were no social networks and smartphones, you probably feel sorry for today’s generation that cannot spend even a day without updating their status or post a new pic. Anyway, if you want to get back to the days when Wi-Fi and mobile network coverage were just terms with a vague meaning, go camping and feel the energising power of Nature.
  • Do you like walking? If you do, one of the best ways for reducing stress is taking long walks. Even if you cannot go to a park or any other relaxing place, you can just walk around the neighbourhood. If you believe you can take care of a pet, don’t hesitate to get a dog. This way, you will have no choice but to take him for a walk and do some jogging at the same time. Having a pet at home takes its toll as far as cleanliness is concerned, so you will have to make extra efforts to clean your sofa and carpets.
  • Get a hobby. Is there any skill you have always wanted to master? Swimming, making souvenirs, scuba diving, taking care of the garden, learning to play guitar, getting a gym membership, yoga classes – everything works. If you don`t have enough free time you can hire a maid or book carpet cleaning every now and then so you don`t have to spend your day off scrubbing your living premises.
  • Do not be too critical of yourself. After all, we live in an imperfect world and it would be unrealistic to expect to achieve overwhelming results in every niche. Instead of getting discontent with yourself and your achievements, just grin and bear it or try harder the next time.
  • Learn to say no. Even if you are known as a person everyone can rely on, it is essential to set limits and not allow to be taken advantage of. Don’t blame yourself for not performing things you don’t like just because someone asked you. However, if you know you have no choice but to do something you dislike, don’t postpone it. Complete the unpleasant task at your earliest convenience instead of stressing out about it for days.

There is not a universal formula for shaking off stress as everyone has a different notion of what is pleasant and what is not. Yet, you will have to find the formula that works best for you. Don’t hesitate to organise your small reality escape trips to an exciting destination or just hit the pubs with your friends. The lack of time should not be an excuse for postponing the trip to the countryside or going camping with friends. Time will never be enough, but you should learn how to prioritise and find the happy medium between work and private life.

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